Dear editor: Hold GOP accountable

Dear editor:

As you may know, 47 Republican senators recently sent a warning letter to Iranian leaders threatening to blow up any diplomatic deal negotiated by President Obama.

This letter wasn't just bad politics -- it was a dangerous attempt to undermine negotiations with Iran. The leader of the letter, Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., has explicitly stated that the goal of congressional action is to make talks with Iran fail.

This is disrespectful, dangerous and reckless. These Republicans should be held accountable. I hope no Democrat joins them in blowing up the president's diplomatic efforts and putting us on a path to war.

The chance represented by the Iran talks is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to resolve one of America's biggest security concerns without dropping a single bomb or risking an American life.

I hope my members of Congress will oppose two bills that could lead to a collapse of the talks: the Menendez-Kirk sanctions bill (S. 269) and the Corker-Graham bill (S. 615) mandating an "up or down" vote on any agreement.

If Congress kills these negotiations or vetoes a final deal, Iran is likely to unfreeze its nuclear program, which means either Iran gets a nuclear bomb or we have to fight another war in the Middle East.

The way to avoid those awful outcomes is for Congress to let diplomacy work! Call or write our senators and representative today.

Judith Zitko

Hot Springs Village

Editorial on 03/15/2015