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Dear editor:

In my last letter (April 10), I encouraged everyone who is genuinely concerned about the future welfare of our nation to please attend the prayer rally led by the Rev. Franklin Graham, who is visiting all 50 states with his most important message. I'm happy to report that it was estimated to have had between 5,100 to possibly 9,000 people standing on the state Capitol steps and grounds! The event made the front page of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette with a photo and nice article.

God even caused the rain to stop and gave us a beautiful sunny day! Some church people were interviewed who had driven from as far away as Fort Smith to hear this critical historic message that was no doubt God inspired!

Those of you who didn't attend really missed hearing an unusually bold and powerful message from God which practically sounded as if God was speaking to us from the sky through a huge megaphone! "Our country is in trouble," Franklin said. "But we've got a great God. We've got an awesome God. He can rebuild those walls. He can rehang those gates ... Go back to your community. Advocate for God's truth and His righteousness. Elect men and women to office who will really lead this nation back to being one nation under God that can truthfully say once again, 'In God we trust.'"

"If God's not first in our lives and our nations, then we have no hope. It certainly puts me on my knees when I see the moral decline we are seeing. It's heartbreaking."

"Franklin made clear that on bended knee is the place to begin addressing the spiritual, moral, economic and racial chaos in America. No political party can fix it. I have zero hope in the Democrat Party! I have zero hope in the Republican Party!"

"My only hope is in Almighty God. That's our only hope and the most important thing we can do as Christians is to pray -- pray to God."

"Then Franklin asked the people to silently confess their own sins ... For any in the crowd who were not sure where they stood with God, he explained the Gospel (salvation through faith in Jesus Christ as Savior) and led them in a prayer."

"Finally, he outlined a plan of action. He asked those in attendance to go home and form groups to pray for the nation, the state and for local communities. He urged them to vote for candidates who stand for biblical values and are willing to live by them. And he challenged them to be willing to run for local, state or federal office, which could trigger an influx of godly leadership in elected positions around the nation!" (Quotes are from Decision magazine.)

So -- we've heard the message -- will we respond or not? Let's form those prayer groups, in the churches, in our neighborhoods and/or in public gatherings on a regular, deeply committed basis! And, of course, immediately commit to begin now individually to pray for America every day and then wait and watch what God can do. Pray for revival and spiritual awakening!

Lloyd Hoffman

Hot Springs

Editorial on 04/24/2016

Print Headline: Franklin inspires

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