EAST students develop map system for housing authority

The Hot Springs Intermediate School EAST Program recently partnered with the Hot Springs Housing Authority to create an interactive online map that housing authority employees can use to better track their properties.

Currently, the housing authority only has a paper map with push pins indicating where their properties are, along with an electronic document that lists all of the details for more than 600 properties.

Sixth-grade EAST students Tessa Rivera and Natalie Comstock hosted all of that information in one place using ArcGIS Online.

The online map will be user-friendly and allow the housing authority to do specific searches such as looking up how many properties they have within a certain price range or determining how many properties offer a certain number of bedrooms. The map also includes information about inspection dates, property owners and more.

In March, Rivera and Comstock will be providing training to six housing authority employees on how to use the map themselves and continue adding properties and content to it as needed.

School on 03/04/2018

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