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Dear editor:

To the city of Hot Springs: When I read this paper, I always see where they are doing something downtown. Gosh, we have to keep that tourism going. Where that may be true, what about the people and kids who live here? What do you ever do for them? We have tax 1, tax 2, tax 3, tax 4, on our groceries, and everything we buy every day.

What about the kids? Where I come from, Indiana, we have nice parks all over the city with nice swings and play equipment, which is about the same size as Hot Springs. We have nice baseball fields for the kids to play on at each park. You can go watch kids play free at any time and have bleachers to sit on. The kids get sponsors to help pay for uniforms. The concession stands sell food and drinks. The park here is no comparison to others I grew up with. Nothing there hardly!

I went to see my great-grandson play football here in Hot Springs. It was held on a blank old field, no concession stands and no seats. I was just amazed. We went to another one, which we had to pay to watch them. I talked to a mother who said she had to pay $300 for her kid's uniform. I said don't they have sponsors? Don't the businesses around town want our kids to play and help out? Or did anyone ever think about it? Do you ever do anything for the people and kids in your own community who live here every day? Oh! Let's do something downtown for our tourism again. I know this helps our town bring in more revenue. But, what do you ever do for the people who live here?

I have lived here for eight years now. Personally, I think we should elect someone for office who will think about our kids and people who live here for a change. Maybe if they did we would have less crime in this town, which we have too much of. You have to catch the kids and help them when they are young. Care a little. I know everyone has some kids around that could use some help.

Phyllis Summitt

Hot Springs

Editorial on 11/04/2018

Print Headline: What about the kids?

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