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Dear editor:

It never ceases to amaze me how the people who write letters to the "In my opinion" section of The Sentinel-Record seem to enjoy disrespecting each other. These are just opinions, people, so please quit attacking each other! After all, our military is fighting for us to continue to have the right of free speech, but I wonder how much longer that will continue.

We have been friends with Dr. Jack Sternberg and his family, and find his articles very informative, factual and written with clarity. He has the gift of articulating truth in a way that anyone with any level of intelligence can understand. I wonder if nurse Debbie, who got offended over Dr. Sternberg's analogy of the doctor with the best bedside manner vs the doctor who didn't have the best bedside manner but was gifted with better doctoring skills, has taken the time to find out just who Dr. Sternberg really is. If not, let me enlighten you, readers.

We have known Dr. Sternberg since 1998 and at that time, he was still practicing oncology in the Oncology Clinic that he started in the Little Rock area. He was voted Doctor of the Year and Doctor with the Best Bedside Manner several years in a row. He and his family have withstood much criticism over the years for just being Jewish and since they are Christian as well, they've withstood even more from their own people, as well as from people with judgmental and critical attitudes, so I imagine Dr. Sternberg has a good idea of a little of what President Trump goes through like no other president in the history of America has endured.

It's a shame that some Americans can't seem to get over our current president's personality and instead watch what his administration is accomplishing. I didn't agree with a lot of President Obama's direction for America, but I never, ever failed to honor the office that the American people voted him to fulfill. I prayed for him, his family and his administration the whole time he was in office, even though I never voted for him.

Come on people, let's be able to disagree without being disagreeable. It is my prayer that others will offer President Trump the same courtesy by honoring the office that over 60 million Americans voted to put him in.

Thank you for your time,

Buddy and Jean Brooks

Hot Springs

Editorial on 09/05/2018

Print Headline: Honoring the office

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