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Hot Springs resident Kris Schmidt has authored the book "Cooking Without White Flour or Sugar: The Holiday Edition."

Schmidt, who had been diagnosed with Lyme's Disease, went on a yeast diet, and after three years, she was free of the disease.

She has the following advice for people with special diets during the holidays:

"Holidays are not a time to have a 'free for all' diet. It is hard to knuckle down, but do it anyway. We still want our holidays glittery, with lots of sparkle, so be sure to smile a lot.

"Should I suffer from a Lyme's Disease flare up (read 'Lab 257' by Michael C. Carroll), I go back to the rigid eating habits of 80 percent vegetables because I am on the yeast diet. My taste buds have changed quite a bit and some foods that I use to enjoy are terrible tasting to me now. Blueberries are the only fruit on the yeast diet. I stick to them. I don't want Lyme's Disease to get worse, nor do I want other diseases or to become a multiple disease carrier.

"My best advice is to start a diet before October 15th so you can practice saying no to all types of candies, cakes, etc., not on your diet.

"It is interesting to note how many foods have been recalled, such as turkey, cantaloupe, oranges. It seems to be getting harder to find food fit to eat. Google various fruits, veggies and proteins to learn about fungicides, pesticides and take precautions. Do the best you can.

"Holiday food is a major ingredient to our 'traditional' holiday celebrations. We impose it on ourselves and others every year. I thought I would always serve my side of the family's turkey, stuffing/dressing until my husband said he hated it. Holiday traditions can change, so update your traditions.

"Your family may not enjoy your diet, so sticking to it may not be easy. My husband will tell me if he would like me to serve something again or not. You know the ingredients are pure and sometimes costly, so you should eat it anyway or serve it in another form later ...

"There is a great joy that comes with feeling better. Keeping to the diet is working a food puzzle. Everyone takes the challenge differently. For those who get no honey on The Yeast Diet, your resolve has to be great. I advise them that if they 'cheat,' do not cheat every day and only cheat with honey. However, you don't want to suffer the same problems by eating the very foods that caused you to be sick in the first place. You really have to be especially careful if you are already very ill."

For information or to purchase the book, Schmidt can be contacted at 316 St. Louis Place or by calling 501-321-9081.

Business on 09/10/2018

Print Headline: Hot Springs author offers holiday cookbook

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