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Get used to Trump

Dear editor:

President Trump is an extremely wealthy man. He has the most beautiful and charming wife to ever hold the title of first lady. His children are good looking, intelligent and charming. His family speaks well for him.

This president is the most powerful man on the planet and is capable of standing up against our enemies! Enemies of the USA are well aware of this and they don't want to come against him militarily because they don't know how far President Trump will allow them to wander before he responds or to the extent he will respond. North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un said that the nuclear button is on his desk at all times and President Trump responded: "Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I have a Nuclear Button, but mine is much bigger and more powerful than his, and my button works!"

That was the last we heard of that bluff.

I'm wondering (disappointed) why the president gave Mexico and the border invaders a year to "get it right" before he closes the border. Closing the border would put fatal economic pressure on Mexico and encourage them to cooperate. Mexico needs us more than we need Mexico. I realize that manufacturers export goods to the USA such as auto components but I'm sure the suppliers can figure it out. After all, they are subsidiaries of our major manufacturers. They should assume some responsibility when they build their factories in foreign countries! I doubt the savings are passed on to consumers here in the USA anyway.

This president keeps the Dems busy trying to think of ways to impeach him while the new socialist left wing are possessed with hatred for the best president this country has seen in many years. President Trump has exposed the weakness of the dangerously flawed new Democrat/Socialist Party.

The old Democrat Party should thank him for that.

After considering all of these facts there are millions of people who criticize him "for all that he lacks." That's funny when you think about it! He has it all and has done a fine job, yet people criticize him while they parrot Maxine, Chuck, Nancy, AOC and Beto! Trump has already achieved more than any president in modern history in spite of those people.

Many people in Congress say horrible things about this president yet those critics have very few achievements to their credit.

Get used to the thought of Trump being your president for another term, in spite of the new Socialist Party who occupy Congress. I hoped I would never see the demise of this once great nation but the enemy has thoroughly infiltrated Congress. The next step down is enormous!

Darryl Foshee

Hot Springs

Editorial on 04/15/2019

Print Headline: Monday's Letter to the Editor

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