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Wall advantages

Dear editor:

What are some of the advantages of a "Trump wall?"

1. It could create jobs to build it.

2. It could slow down the illegal drug trade.

3. It could help with the illegal immigration problem.

4. It could create a tourist attraction like the "Great Wall of China."

Any more?

P.S.: I just don't know how to build it down the middle of a river.

Donald B. Chaney

Hot Springs

Kudos to library

Dear editor:

Diogenes was an ancient Greek philosopher who reportedly went through the streets of Athens carrying a lighted lantern looking for an honest man. I do not know the outcome of his search but my wife, Ann, and I could tell him where he could start today, the Garland County Library.

We had gone out to dinner one day last week and had run several errands. Ann suddenly discovered her purse to be missing. Believing she had inadvertently left the purse at the restaurant we started our search there, but to no avail.

We had gone through a similar occurrence once before -- canceling credit cards, replacing keys and locks -- an unpleasant experience.

Fortunately, the phone rang and it was Adam from the library. The purse had been found and turned in by an unidentified lady. We went immediately to the library and learned the purse was intact -- all money, cards, etc. And we were told library personnel were not permitted to accept rewards for such a deed. Our sincere thanks to the unidentified lady who turned the purse in and to the honest outstanding people who staff our great library under John Wells.

Orval and Ann Allbritton

Hot Springs

Taking care of our own

Dear editor:

I would like a chance to answer Mr. Bud Kenny's letter about my letter of Jan. 6.

First off, I looked up on a map and I question why everyone is running to North America and not South America. Do they have restrictions for people illegally entering their countries? Did you know that South America has seven countries these people could go to for a chance of a better life? You make me sound uncompassionate, that is simply not so. I am all for people legally entering the United States.

Mr. Kenny wrote of thugs breaking into the homes, pistol whipping the fathers, raping the mothers and sisters, the fact of being gunned down or hacked up in front of family members and fleeing famine -- excuse me, these are things we see on the news daily here in our own state and around the country. Have you not seen all the needs of Hot Springs feeding and sheltering the homeless and hungry? We have multiple churches throughout Garland County with food banks and clothes closets, not to mention the places that daily feed the hungry in our own town of Hot Springs.

Maybe you don't own a television. I don't know you or your political position, but I do know mine. I believe in the Constitution and my right to bear arms and use them to protect my home and family. There has never been a time that I would hesitate to protect my family, and now that they are grown, I am quite sure I did a good job of teaching them their right to protect their family.

Maybe you need to be asking the question "is it right for America to take on all the world's illegal people and ignore her own suffering citizens?"

L.J. Gibson

Hot Springs

Editorial on 01/11/2019

Print Headline: Friday's Letters to the Editor

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