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The technical excellence, good composition and, most importantly, impact, that are the building blocks of a quality image will be the focus of the next meeting of National Park Photography Club.

The club will meet at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday in Room C of the Garland County Library.

"This will be an interactive session in which the group will view and analyze a group of images created by photographers from across the United States. They have been contributed to NPPC for the purpose of learning the skills that are necessary to succeed in competition, create images that will attract discerning buyers, or simply are worthy of being framed for display on the wall of the photographer's home," a news release said.

National Park Photography Club is a member of the Photographic Society of America and Gulf States Camera Clubs Council. As a member club, NPPC participates in regular individual and club competitions that include photographers from the region as well as some that have broader participation throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. NPPC members have won recognition for their photography in both PSA and GSCCC.

"Competition is an excellent way for an aspiring photographer to hone his or her skills. By examining winning images in depth, comparing them to one's own work, identifying what areas to target for improvement, and studying with successful photographers, all serious image-makers can meet their personal artistic goals," the release said.

"If you are an aspiring photographer and have an interest in networking with others who share your passion, or if you would like to learn how to use your camera to create images that you and your family will want to keep for posterity, you need to be part of the National Park Photography Club. All photographers are welcome regardless of skill level," it said.

The club judging in March will be submitted for the Gulf States Camera Club Counsel June contest, which is Digital Pictorial Color, Digital Pictorial black and white, Photojournalism prints either color or black and white, and Photojournalism Digital Images either color of black and white. Members may make up to four submissions in each category.

"If you have ever considered attending one of the NPPC monthly meetings, this month's presentation is going to be very special and as a club, we would be pleased to have people from our community who have an interest in photography to join us," the release said.

NPPC welcomes new members who are interested in expanding their photography skills in a collegial and supportive environment. A one-year membership to NPPC is $20.

Society on 03/17/2019

Print Headline: NPPC photography club to meet Tuesday

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