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A fitting choice

Dear editor:

I think it was very fitting that Hillary Clinton was asked to be the guest speaker at the School of Math & Science.

Education should not be about politics but about the wonderful education these young people receive at the school.

Since it was the Clintons who made the existence of the school possible.

I can remember when teachers (some), only completed the 12th grade and many did not, but ended up teaching school. I was happy to learn when that was not the case.

I admire the Clintons for their continued fight for equality for all people, especially for women's rights all over the world. Of course, women's rights are human rights.

It is gratifying to see not only the Clintons but the Bushes and the Obamas and of course Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter continue their fight for the well being of all people all over the globe through education. There is life and education after the White House.

Speaking of education from all sources: I saw a documentary on PBS about "Eve" and the Holocaust and how she survived to tell her story and the many aspects of her story. We all have stories to tell while sharing our common ground as human beings.

As one of my favorite columnists (thumbs up) said, "You live and learn." To the many people who cross my path as a senior citizen and the many acts of kindness, I say thanks and blessings to all.

P.S.: Isn't Hot Springs a wonderful place to live? We have something for everyone: the arts, the mountains, the races, the music, the Hot Springs Music Festival. We're blessed. Plus a newspaper that will print meanderings of a senior citizen like me! Yippee!

Hazel M. Wright

Hot Springs

Trump's taxes

Dear editor:

In Ron Collins' run-on-sentence, in his letter to the editor on May 4, he wrote that Darrell Foshee is wealthy and has a beautiful wife. I'd like to meet them if that is true.

Many Democrats are still foaming at the mouth, like rabid dogs, over Donald Trump's winning the election. And now, Robert Mueller, their great hope to destroy Trump, has let them down. The dogs are now snapping at Mueller's ankles.

Collins goes on to say that every president, or major elected official, in the last half-century, has released their tax returns. I'm fairly sure he knows that is a big lie. Ron, if you have proof of that let us see it. And I don't mean some garbage off of the internet.

Would you let me review your tax records for the last few years? I suspect I can find some fudging, or "technical errors."

Nyle Cearlock

Hot Springs

Editorial on 05/08/2019

Print Headline: Wednesday's Letters to the Editor

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