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Doesn't add up

Dear editor:

I want to agree with Mr. Cherry that older individuals should be able to discern what is exaggerated or fake. Too bad they can't. There was a campaign in The Ukraine to elect a president. The Russian candidate hired a manager who came up with a plan. We will attack the woman candidate at rallies where we all chant "lock her up!" It worked! The Russian won the election. That manager was then hired by Donald Trump! His name is Paul Manafort and he is going to jail for a long time. The first 200 pages of the Mueller report are dedicated to all the ways Russians helped Trump get elected. There are at least 25 Russians indicted and three Russian companies for interfering in the election.

We are going to have to disagree over climate change. I'm glad you are not worried about it but science is math and physics. Climate change is like 2+2=4. Ninety-seven percent of scientists agree. Conservatives ask "why do you hate 5?" Then they go out and hire some pseudo-scientists to say 2+2=5! "See all the other scientists are lying!" Climate change is math, not politics. You cannot make a deal with it or put tariffs on it!

I can't understand what conservatives have to gain by denying climate change. Even Trump stands to lose several properties in Florida and other parts of the world. Must be why he asked for a permit in Ireland to put in a sea wall, his stated reason: to fight climate change! Conservatives attack science and wonder why the Math and Science School didn't invite one to speak at graduation. They invited Hillary because she helped the school get started. It is a legitimate and valuable school unlike the for-profit fraudulent Trump U. Just one of the millions of great things Hillary has done to make this a better world for everyone!

Scott Ruff

Hot Springs

Don't test in bad weather

Dear editor:

On May the 8th there were severe storm and tornado warnings for Hot Springs and surrounding areas. While at the YMCA I heard a siren go off. I do not live in Hot Springs, but I assumed it was a tornado warning siren. I asked an employee of the YMCA if that was a tornado warning. She said it was just the weekly Wednesday noon tornado warning siren test. I have a NOAA weather radio and the weekly Wednesday 11 a.m. to noon storm warning test is scheduled for another day if bad weather is forecast for the day of the test. I don't believe a tornado warning siren test should be conducted in Hot Springs on a day during bad weather especially when there is a forecast of a chance of a tornado.

Harvey Bradstreet


Editorial on 05/10/2019

Print Headline: Friday's Letters to the Editor

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