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Wolf in sheep's clothing

Dear editor:

Moms Demand Action was exposed as the wolf in sheep's clothing by its own benefactor, Democratic Presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg, when the organization agreed to "rent" its email list to the New York Democrat.

Just recently the local chapter, headed by the unsuccessful former Democrat candidate for the U.S. Congress Hayden Shamel, protested in The Sentinel-Record that the organization was nonpartisan. Shamel, who is also chairperson of the local Democratic Party, and the local MDA organization members claimed in their letter that they were just "gun safety advocates" while MDA is well known to be a gun control organization.

Just two days before the local MDAers (on Nov. 26) claimed they were independents, the national organization was exposed by Mother Jones news writer Kara Voght about how Bloomberg has received access to Moms Demand Access email and supporters list.

"Bloomberg is starting his campaign with a big asset -- His gun control group's email list," screamed the headline in Mother Jones.

It's no surprise Moms Demand Action gave access to their email list to Bloomberg since he is among MDA's largest benefactors. I wonder if anyone can "rent" access to MDA's supporters. Would President Trump be given equal access?

The local members of MDA continue to try to distort facts about the purchase of firearms, claiming that there are no background checks for the online and mail order purchasers of firearms. The firearms must be delivered to federal licensed gun dealer which is required to ensure background checks are completed.

Additionally, the local chapter says they are not gun control advocates when they continue to push unconstitutional "red flag law" where firearms can be seized from citizens with no due process.

Hopefully, more and more people will see that Moms Demand Action is just another liberal group that supports gun control organization that is trying to spin themselves as a gun education group, that they are not. Mother Jones exposed the organization as a supporter of liberal candidates and liberal issues.

The sheep's clothing has been ripped off the wolf.

I guess Moms Demand Action acronym MDA is accurate -- More Deceitful Advocates or More Democrat Activists.

Reggie Cowan

Hot Springs

Editorial on 11/29/2019

Print Headline: Friday's Letter to the editor

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