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'Thumbs down'

Dear editor:

On Friday (July 31), letter writer Mike Jared lamented the lack of coverage of the Trump rally/boat parade on Lake Hamilton last week. Actually, I did find a short piece on it online at As someone who lives on Lake Hamilton and actually saw what was happening, I think Mr. Jared might have preferred no coverage at all if our local newspaper had been there to cover it objectively.

What I witnessed from my deck was the height of irresponsibility and disregard for laws and public safety. Being a Trump rally, I guess that's standard operating procedure.

Very few people were wearing life jackets or sitting down while boats were operating. Fewer still were wearing the mandated COVID-19 facial protection. The Belle of Hot Springs was apparently part of, or sponsoring, the event, and there was zero social distancing onboard. People on the upper deck were elbow to elbow, hanging over the railings, not wearing masks or flotation devices.

People were jumping in the water while boats drove by less than 15-20 feet away, so it's a miracle no one got hurt. Finally, the wake created by the influx of boats and the Belle was tossing docks, boats, and recreational watercraft homeowners have violently. I'd be shocked if some property wasn't damaged in the wake of this irresponsibility.

So if Ms. Gassaway wants to give a few "thumbs down" in her weekly column, start with the participants, move on to the ownership of the Belle of Hot Springs for not enforcing safety protocol, and finally, the Garland County Sheriff's Marine Patrol division for not simply shutting the whole thing down.

Sue Thomas

Hot Springs

Exposing anarchists

Dear editor:

Everyone (including those calling me evil and the writer of "When good people are silent") knows the anarchists are owned and operated by the ultraleft liberal socialist Democrats.

If they were owned by Republicans, airwaves and the presses would be red-hot. The "Letters to the editor" would be overwhelmed with mail. I'm waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

P.S.: Please -- more letters on exposure on the anarchy -- we don't want to kiss Old Glory and freedom goodbye -- thank you!

P.P.S.: How many of the thousands we are seeing in the streets, do you think have ever attended church? Sad!

Mary Robinson

Hot Springs

Truth in testing

Dear editor:

In Florida, a motorcycle accident death was listed as a COVID-19 death. Some labs list positive test results for every person tested.

This makes it 100 percent positive for all people tested.

There was a woman who was checked in but had to leave before being tested, yet she then received a notice that she tested positive!

Is this happening nationwide?

Paula Woodman

Hot Springs

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