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Fear and freedom

Dear editor:

In 80 years we have regressed from the heroes who survived the rigors of the Great Depression and WWII to the Nanny State and Helicopter Moms.

Now we have a pandemic. The media use fear to push for greater reliance on government "experts" (those who know more and more about less and less.) These experts daily change the "facts" and goal posts for return to normal. While many panic about this epidemic, they forget that the "normal" flu is continuing to kill more people than this new virus and ignore that it is not this virus that kills per se, but the body's reaction to it (as some people die from eating peanuts). There are several drugs -- already proven safe and effective -- that can counter that reaction. The media's main concern seems to be an avoidance of facts to maximize the fear. They fail to mention the many people exposed to the virus who failed to become ill -- people now immune to the virus who form the nucleus of the long-term goal of herd immunity.

Frank Herbert wrote in "Dune," "Fear is the mind-killer." In the fear promulgated and encouraged by the media, many mindlessly demand the government provide guidance and more and more restrictive regulations. We are fortunate here in Arkansas that Asa has offered guidelines and not made a Gestapo of the police to enforce them. Instead, we have fearful emotional 3-year-olds trying to shame those who, not sharing their fear, choose not to wear minimally effective face masks. (In order that one can breathe, those masks must allow unfiltered air -- and virus particles -- to pass through the gaps around the edges. There is no filter so fine as to remove the viruses that also allows you to breathe through it.)

Your fear does not negate my constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. We have just celebrated Memorial Day in memory of those who died for those freedoms. They risked -- and lost -- their lives that we could be free to live in fear -- or not. You are free to avoid "those selfish people" who shop without face masks by availing yourself of curbside service. Businesses are and should be free to require face masks or not. You are free to choose which ones you patronize. Your fear is your responsibility. (Responsibility has become a four-letter word forbidden in polite company.) It is not the responsibility of the rest of the world to put your fears to rest. It is your responsibility to evaluate risks and act accordingly, as you do when you get behind the wheel knowing that all the laws in the world do not prevent drunken drivers.

You complain of the selfishness of those who choose not to wear masks. How about your selfishness that would require the rest of the world to shut down so you can feel "safe?" What about the lost jobs and businesses resulting in poverty for those who can no longer afford face masks? Perhaps you would prefer the worlds imagined in Asimov's robot novels -- no risks, but no freedoms, either.

Pat King

Hot Springs

Other front-line workers

Dear editor:

During these challenging times and in the midst of a global health crisis, who are our front-line heroes?

You might be surprised to learn that radiologic technologists play an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19.

Chest X-rays and CT scans are critical diagnostic tools in identifying the pneumonialike complications of coronavirus. When patients are placed on ventilators for breathing assistance, radiologic technologists perform imaging procedures so appropriate placement can be verified.

Each of these imaging procedures is performed by a professional known as a radiologic technologist. Radiation therapists are also essential workers on the front lines in the fight against cancer. Their work with oncology patients is crucial, and it continues every day, even during a pandemic.

So let's give a big salute to the doctors, nurses and other hardworking health care professionals. But here's a special tip of the hat to the more than 3,000 registered and certified radiologic technologists making a difference for patients every day in the state of Arkansas.

To us, they're unsung heroes, and we offer our heartfelt thanks for everything they do.

Edwin Wallace, president

Arkansas Society of Radiologic Technologists

Vote for the future

Dear editor:

My husband and I have always considered ourselves to be conservative, if not politically, then at least culturally. Recently, over dinner, we had the news on, and our 7 and 11-year-old sons asked us some interesting questions. One was "Is that man really the president?" Out of the mouths of babes.

It made me think back to 2008. We did not vote for Barack Obama, for a number of reasons, none of which had to do with the color of his skin or party affiliation. Four years later, we had changed our minds, and gave him our votes in 2012. While we didn't always agree with his policies, we found him articulate, intelligent, and above all, honest. Presidential.

So I didn't exactly know how to answer my son's question about Donald Trump after he saw him on television. We've always raised our boys on the mantra that if you have to bad-mouth someone else, it means you've run out of good things to say about yourself.

Yet sometimes there's no hiding the truth, and in this case, it's that the man in the White House who succeeded Barack Obama has proved himself not worthy of being called presidential. In fact, he's proven to be a narcissist, pathological liar, bully, and a cheat who has used his office to enrich himself, his family and a handful of other wealthy cronies. He is incapable of admitting self fault, and constantly belittles, demeans, and attacks others.

When I think about my sons and presidents, I would hope they would grow up with some of the values of past presidents such as Obama, Kennedy, Truman, Reagan, Lincoln, and many others. I cringe to think that they would embody the values and morals of Donald Trump. Yet this is the example of leadership that is being portrayed to millions of Americans, the model for how to get ahead no matter the cost to others. For those of you with children, do you put Donald Trump forward to them as a role model or someone to emulate?

I only pray that this is not the new norm for leadership and success in life. We are going to do our part in November to correct it. Please vote with your children and our next generation in mind.

Kate Jones

Hot Springs

Forked tongues

Dear editor:

In all of my years of understanding this world, I have noticed a universal trend of those in advertising and politics speaking with a forked tongue. They say or promise one thing while their meaning (of deception) is quite a different matter.

I suppose it all started when Satan sold a bill of goods to one-third of the angel population that he was going to put himself on the heavenly throne and "be like the Most High" (Isaiah 14:12-14). If you've read your Bible you know how that turned out. He tried that scheme on weak-minded man and he had limited success (Genesis 3). So sin ran amok throughout the world much like the coronavirus has in our time. Notice Eve's answer to God when He questioned her about her rebellion (Genesis 3:13). She "passed the buck!" Mankind is "beguiled" by Satan into believing that the world's "golden calf" (Exodus 32:7-9), aka, Lady Luck, is a god they can rely on to bring them comfort and pleasure. Ads on TV and in periodicals are replete with promises of success if one drinks or smokes this brand, takes these pills to shed pounds, use this makeup to look younger, or drives that car or truck to look smarter. Since the spread of the coronavirus, many believe that the government of China purposely released this disease on its people to control overpopulation. They obviously have no concern about human life since many manufactured items sold in world markets have been known to cause sicknesses. Last year, I bought a pair of Bell and Howell Tactical Ops Sunglasses. Next to the "MADE IN CHINA" label was this warning in very fine print: "California researchers have determined that the materials used to manufacture this product may cause cancer." Needless to say, there are no items from Bell and Howell in my future. An independent, nonprofit organization was formed in 2012 known as Truth in Advertising that was "to empower consumers to protect themselves -- against false advertising and deceptive marketing." It doesn't seem to be effective since items from China, which may be dangerous to our health, are still sold in stores. There is a product that everyone can trust in which might be labeled "truth in advertising" and it is broadcast throughout the Bible by the prophets and Jesus Christ Himself. It is the gospel of forgiveness of sins, salvation and eternal life! God loves us and has no desire than anyone suffer the second death (2 Peter 3:9; Revelation 2:11b). Jesus has said that He is the Way, Truth and Life (Romans 6:23). "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shall be saved ... " (Acts 16:31). Now that's "truth in advertising" we can rely on!

Donald Cunningham

Hot Springs

Other Spa heroes

Dear editor:

As I sit here in quarantine and watch TV showing all the "front line" being told they are "Heroes" and the newspaper showing the "Spa City Heroes," I have yet to see anything about your veterinarian or his staff. I understand the doctors and nursing staff are very important, as are the truckers, grocery store clerks restaurant workers, and all others that have been mentioned.

I know for a fact that the veterinarian and staff have not missed any time off. They are there when your dog gets in a dogfight, hit by car, or has eaten something they shouldn't have. Whatever the reason, you call and they are there. They even offer curb service.

If your dog or cat is on medication they are there for you to pick that up also.

During all this time when they have taken a chance of getting the COVID-19 virus.

What I am trying to say is look around you, see the people that have been there for you, and say "Thank You!" These people are "Heroes" too and they don't get mentioned at all.

Becky Slater

Mother of veterinarian assistant

Hot Springs


Dear editor:

Response to letter "Educational standards," Sunday, May 17.

Jesus didn't have a license to preach and was criticized for the lack thereof.

I think that there's an inverse correlation between "official education" and actual faith.

The spiritual woes of this nation are caused by the same forces that have always been. The great "Falling Away" as described in the Scriptures.

John Clark

Hot Springs

Editorial on 05/31/2020

Print Headline: Sunday's Letters to the editor

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