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Argument 'off base'

Dear editor:

This letter is a response to the letter from Michael Misch. Mr. Misch, your accusation that devoted members of the Legislature who are attempting to return to the Legislature their duty of managing the state are "totally irresponsible" is quite a bit off base.

I agree with you we have an inexplicably high number of new cases. Do you find it interesting Arkansas is seeing this leap in cases while under a mandatory face mask order by the governor? I'm not certain anymore that masking the public is wise. Practice social distancing and stay home if you have symptoms. Fully open our businesses. It seems obvious to me masks aren't doing the job.

I'm not sure what the total Legislature would decide to do once they regain control but I do know one thing for certain. The people of Arkansas are better served by legislation voted on by all legislators instead of an order by an individual person. Let the Legislature debate the issue.

Ray Lehman

Hot Springs Village

Calm voices

Dear editor:

It is a good thing for The Sentinel-Record to allow the many different voices to be heard in the "Letters to the editor" column. I include my own. I also find it helpful to read the different voices of the national columnists. Some I agree with and some I don't. It's called the free press!

I also appreciate coverage by the national media, while covering the divisions we face. They put their lives on the lines to keep the public informed. I don't think we can get too much information.

I think our Gov. Asa Hutchinson is doing a very good job in our state. He seeks to change courses when he has to, plus he speaks with a very calming voice. His news conferences are very informative during the perilous time in our country we need calm voices to address our fears.

As President Roosevelt once said about letting unfounded fear rule our lives. I hope our leaders in both parties will work for the good of all citizens!

Hazel M. Wright

(voting absentee)

Hot Springs

Public record

Dear editor:

Having co-owned and co-founded a small-town newspaper in the early '80s, I can empathize with your plight. Make a profit by appeasing your advertisers or maintain your morals and go broke. For the public record, the building touted on the front page article written by David Showers quotes Bill Burrough pointing to the sale of 118 Arbor St., the former Low Key Arts building. Garland County property records show that building owned by Solleder/Childs LLC. As in Bill Solleder, the marketing director for Visit Hot Springs. Do your jobs, report the truth accurately.

Richard Sheeren

Hot Springs

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