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Tuesday's Letter to the editor

OPINION June 8, 2021 at 4:00 a.m.

AP editorializing

Dear editor:

From Sunday's front-page article, which was not an editorial, Jill Colvin and Zeke Miller of The Associated Press wrote: "On conservative news channels, President Joe Biden's pandemic adviser has been baselessly pilloried as a liar who misled the American people about the origins of COVID-19 to protect the Chinese government. There's no evidence of wrongdoing, but Republican calls for his resignation have grown louder, as have demands for new investigations into the origins of the virus."

Baseless and no evidence of wrongdoing isn't objective reporting, but is the author's opinion.

How is this fair and unbiased reporting and not editorializing by The Associated Press? The entire purpose of an investigation into the origins of the COVID-19 virus is to discover the truth, which at this point is unknown. It is not their job to tell us what is the truth (as they see it) but to report on the issues, the questions being asked and the investigations being started, without bias. Even Facebook, the great censor of what they deem to be unreliable and untrue, is now allowing posts as to the Wuhan Lab being responsible for releasing the virus, whether by accident or intentionally. Even Facebook is no longer sure.

If The Sentinel-Record is going to use news feeds (not editorials) from The Associated Press, The Washington Post and other "news" organizations, then it should only use and screen for specific articles without "left or right" bias.

Jack Sternberg, M.D.

Hot Springs


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