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Monday's Letters to the editor

OPINION March 29, 2021 at 4:00 a.m.

'Thanks' to Deary

Dear editor:

We have been following Corbet Deary's nature routes during the pandemic. We try to follow the governor's guidelines as best we can, so as seniors we mostly stayed in our car.

Following Deary's writing, we have seen lakes Cove and Cedar, Lake Winona, Lake Sylvia (really great). On the way, we have stopped at Hollis grocery, Jessieville and Ola Kwik Stops, who make great snacks and pizza. We couldn't find Cluster Springs but saw the old bridge near Plainview and enjoyed the downtown view and the Kwik Stops' chicken wings. We had already been to Lake Nimrod and Boxly Canyon many times to see the elk and saw the majestic view at Roadrunner Inn at Eureka Springs. We followed Deary's precise directions to Hidden Falls near Ben Hur. We drove a lot; saw a great deal of Arkansas, and met some nice people, and spent time talking, snacking, and seeing the countryside. We also went to the Daffodil Festival at Wye; great for kids, plenty of food and craft vendors.

We had planned to travel after retirement but then the pandemic hit, but we ended up seeing some great sites in Arkansas thanks to Deary.

Walt and Christie Eddlemon


Relevant quote

Dear editor:

George Will's March 26 column in The Sentinel-Record was very informative. The article addressed past and present, good and bad diplomacy, and contained some quotes made by former presidents that support the truths in his article.

In my opinion, one of the most important (and relevant) quotes in his column was by former President Ronald Reagan: When dealing with the Soviets one should remember that "they reserve unto themselves the right to commit any crime, to lie, to cheat in order to attain their goals."

To make a point, let's take this quote out of context regarding our relationship with the Soviets, and bring the quote home to the political dishonesty we are witnessing today by the leadership of the good old USA.

Doesn't Mr. Reagan's statement describe America's current leadership in the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the White House? Have you seen any limitation to what they will do to take away our freedom and undermine democracy in our country?

Furthermore, in a different article, former President Eisenhower (our 34th president) was credited with saying (paraphrased) let's not be in a hurry to make our mistakes. Based on the action that our current leaders have taken since Jan. 20 this year, don't you wish the administration of today's 46th president had recognized and followed the wisdom in the above-stated quote of our 34th president?

Robert Sowell

Hot Springs

Postmaster needs to go

Dear editor:

In response to Judith Zitko's letter about our U.S. Postal Service, I was standing in line at the post office last Saturday and a lady in the front of the line was mailing a medium size box. The clerk placed the box on the scale and said "the shipping prices have really gone up lately, a couple of weeks ago this package would have been about $16 but now this cost is $47, what would you like to do?"

This Trump Republican Postmaster General has always had the goal of privatizing the post office, with the overall goal of making Republicans even richer! This guy needs to go now and we need our democracy back.

Jim Pumphrey

Garland County


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