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Sunday's Letters to the editor

OPINION September 26, 2021 at 4:00 a.m.

Volunteers extraordinary

Dear editor:

The 29th Hot Springs JazzFest continued on Saturday, Sept. 4, despite several blips caused by the COVID pandemic. Many people worked to bring this event to its success, but the volunteers on Saturday were the glue that held it together. The workday starts at 6:30 a.m. and ends when it ends, usually around 8 p.m.

A grateful acknowledgment to Heather and Kelly High, Bill Halbrook, Christina Allen, Rynne Belk, Frank and Lynn Janaskie, Guy Burks, Kyle Tobin, Kylie Tobin, Eden Graves, Jim Kelly, Bill Freeman, Melanie and Zane Williams, Robert Williams, Valerie Tobin and Vicki Crisp.

Of course, having community support from donors and sponsors is essential. The Hot Springs Jazz Society sends the deepest appreciation to The Sentinel-Record, Visit Hot Springs, The Village Voice, Dorothy Morris, Ohio Club, Harry and Joan Dacko, The Giving Circle, The Springs Magazine, Ed Pace, Shuffield Music Co., Arkansas Arts Council and Ohio Club.

Many larger cities do not have a jazz music festival. The members of the Hot Springs Jazz Society are the heartbeat of the 30-year-old society and produce and sponsor not only the JazzFest but also present jazz programming throughout the year, of which many are free.

Shirley Chauvin

Membership Committee

Hot Springs Jazz Society

The socialist agenda

Dear editor:

I think every day, of the cruel and heartless act of abortion -- the preventing of the birth of a conceived child. Those who congratulate and pour accolades upon the recipients of the millions of abortions routinely would have you believe they are loving, understanding human beings.

I am going to assume, taking liberals and conservatives into the events and happenings in our great country today, that the pro-abortion crowd, would probably be the same ones remaining silent on the gangs tearing up our cities, silent (or even agreeing with) the thugs attacking our great cops who spend their lives protecting us from thugs, silent on burning our great flag, silent on 13 American soldiers and 10 Afghan civilians, including seven children, being murdered by PINO Joe's stupid, backward withdrawal from Afghanistan, enough illegals on our southern border to form a new country, silence, sky-high prices, silence, and there's no end to Joe's chaos.

So I don't see much love or understanding from the pro-abortion cheerleaders, for the U.S.A. What I do see, loud and clear, is the Democrat Party, rich liberals, preaching from their socialist pulpit, that rich conservatives are evil, homosexuals (Pride) and transgenders is what should be taught our kids, keep racism alive and well, while "they" ignore Black children being shot and killed every weekend, trying their best to destroy our military, the same way they've tried to destroy our law enforcement, which should make every red-blooded American mad and vocal! It's liberals who won't stand for our flag and anthem, disgraceful, but, silence! Lawlessness is OK, but innocent even up to full-term unwanted babies, have to go! "Translated" -- "cancel culture" = 1 party = 1 voice = one world government.

If we conservatives were as dumb as the liberals would like us to be, we would hop on their socialist bandwagon. Socialism = marxism = communism. another word for the "isms" is "power" -- not for the "little people" they are deceiving, just as Satan deceived Eve in the garden, but for the top dogs! The "isms" need to know -- there is but one God (big "G") and it's not them! when Jesus returns, to set up his kingdom (it's we Christians' job to hold the line until that marvelous day) all the "isms" will go up in smoke!

If votes for President Donald J. Trump hadn't been transferred in the dark, in 2020, to PINO Joe, we would have a secure southern border, a keystone pipeline and low gas prices, we wouldn't be scared of China, the Afghanistan tragedy wouldn't have happened, the 13 brave Americans would be alive, and we would have a one person, one vote, voting system.

I can't figure out why those knocking their brains out trying to turn beautiful, God blessed America into a socialist country, haven't moved! There are plenty of Shangri-Las for what they want, anti-"freedom for all," anti-Christian countries where they could go.

P.S.: Afghanistan -- Benghazi Hillary -- no difference.

God love America! America, praise God!

Mary Robinson

Hot Springs

Voting laws

Dear editor:

An open letter to Judi Druce:

Ms. Druce, I just read your ill-informed letter on the "Nasty GOP's" efforts to pass improvements to state voter procedures. May I say, young lady, you do not know what you are ranting about and are totally clueless.

The voting laws here in the state of Arkansas are almost identical to those being attacked in Texas and Georgia. As previous election commissioner, I am more than familiar with election laws in Arkansas and those states with recent changes and improvements. None of the changes make it harder to vote nor restrict your access to a ballot.

So, I challenge you to replace the unsupportable nonsense published in Sunday's paper and tell those who read the article exactly what steps in Arkansas voting law suppress your right to vote or suppress the voting rights of other citizens.

People like you who are party oriented never check your facts. Instead of giving specifics examples to back your baseless accusations, you merely regurgitate fact less nonsense and inuendo from the biased media. The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN, social media and The Associated Press are not factual sources nor are they friends of our Constitution. They are the United States equivalent of Pravda; the only difference is they hold biased allegiance to the Democratic Party.

Please go the following sites and read the changes in Texas and Arkansas voting law and submit an appropriate apology.

Dennis L. Bosch

Hot Springs

Get what you vote for

Dear editor:

This letter won't be published because I can't write nice things about the most dangerous president to ever occupy the White House.

Has everybody in Washington sworn an allegiance to the enemies of America? Apparently so!

Our borders are wide open to very dangerous people who are making plans to kill Americans. Even if the Dems have a death wish, do they also want their children and grandchildren dead, starving or crippled?

I'm not going to try to address the problems, there are far too many to cover in a short letter.

However, I know why America is not mentioned in biblical scripture that predicts end-time events. The scriptures have proven to very accurate and we're not going to be a power worthy of mention.

You voted for it and you got that which you voted for, "the destruction of America." It won't take long!

Darryl Foshee

Hot Springs

Handling 'tough times'

Dear editor:

A Korean War article published in the 1991 booklet, "How to Handle Tough Times," relates to the subject of clear thinking in the tough times America is experiencing today. The event went something like this:

It was during the Korean War, while an American ship lay at anchor in Wonsan Harbor, Korea. The tide was ebbing and the hour was about midnight. The sea was calm and the moon was bright.

As the duty officer made his routine "rounds" topside, he suddenly noticed a cylindrical black object in the water, clearly revealed in the moonlight. Horrified, he realized that a live contact mine was floating in the water. It was drifting directly toward them, where their ship's explosives were stored. Quickly, the officer grabbed the intercom and called the executive officer, who notified the captain, and both came dashing to the scene.

The general alarm was sounded, and the whole ship burst into action. Recognizing the imminent danger, the officers and men watched as the mine approached, closer and closer to the ship. Quickly, the officers gathered around and began discussing the possible actions: Could they raise the anchor? No, there wasn't time. Could they start the engines and swing the ship around without raising the anchor? No, the wash from the propellers would immediately suck the mine into contact with the ship. Could they explode it with gunfire? No, it was already too near the ship. Could they launch a boat and push it away? That was ruled out because of the time it would take to launch a boat, plus the sensitivity of the mine to contact. On the brink of destruction, there seemed to be nothing to do but alert "all hands" to brace themselves for certain catastrophe.

However, among the men on deck, the voice of a clear-thinking young seaman rang out with a simple, practical idea for action. "Get the fire hose," he yelled. Quickly, a stream of water was directed between the ship and the mine to create a ripple that changed the mine's course and diverted it safely away from the ship.

The reality of a potential force of destruction was recognized, and the crisis was avoided by quick and decisive common sense seaman who saw the value of making a ripple.

Now, let's fast-forward from the early 50s crisis in Korea to our 2021 crisis in America:

• The ship could represent our country, stuck (tied up) in the path of destruction.

• The loose mine could represent the explosive power the socialistic, out-of-control spending and out-of-control influx of UN-vetted immigrants.

• The ship's huddled leaders could represent our president and other liberal-leaning-leaders who discuss ideas that will not work, like defunding police and paying criminals not to kill each other.

• The common seaman's common-sense solution could represent the cry of our common citizens, for united patriotism.

Bob Sowell

Hot Springs

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