WATCH | Millennial Making a Difference: Ross Family makes an electrical impact

Nomie Ross currently handles all of the phone calls for the business she and her husband started called Ross Family Electric. – Photo by Courtney Edwards
Nomie Ross currently handles all of the phone calls for the business she and her husband started called Ross Family Electric. – Photo by Courtney Edwards

Although she has only lived in the Hot Springs area for about 10 years, one of Nomie Ross' passions is giving back to the community.

As for where Ross is originally from, she said, "Nowhere in particular, just Arkansas." She was born in Pine Bluff and has lived all over the state before settling in Hot Springs, where her husband grew up.

Although she holds a nursing degree from National Park College, she didn't graduate from high school. She obtained her GED at 16, she said.

In 2019, as Ross was working as a nurse, her husband started an electrical service company called Ross Family Electric.

"We had a 'Uh-oh, we're pregnant,'" she said with a laugh.

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"So, we made the decision. We'd already started the company, so for at least the maternity leave, I was going to kinda take over the office a little bit because my husband was overwhelmed with everything, running a team and doing the office," Ross said.

"So, I was like, 'You know what? I'm gonna be here for six to eight weeks anyway. I'll just take the phone off your hands.' And (it) just kinda grew from there. It's been a lot easier. I miss nursing, but this is where I'm needed right now."

As the COVID-19 pandemic started, the new business went through a "confusing" time, Ross said. As the concern grew, people didn't want to invite others into their homes, even to fix electrical problems.

"It was confusing at first because we didn't really know what steps we needed to take," she said. "Also, me working in the field, you know, coming home and making sure I didn't bring anything home. It was stressful, very stressful."

Ross Family Electric was started thanks to her husband's passion, she said. But, Ross worked hard to start it as well.

"He started doing a couple jobs here and there on his own, and he's like, 'You know what? I think we can do this.' And I'm like, 'OK.' So, I graduated school, got a job, and I was like, 'You can, you know, quit your job and I'll run the house.' And we built it from the ground up."

The business is run outside of the family's home in Malvern, but they travel anywhere within about 40 minutes from the shop, she said.

"I feel like we help a lot of people," she said. "My husband tells me multiple times a week about how he'll go out to the customer's house, and they're like, 'Oh, the lady I talked to on the phone was so nice. You need to let her know she's so sweet.' And that makes me feel good."

Helping people with their electrical issues isn't the only focus of the Ross family, however. From donating to Jackson House during their blanket and coat drive in the fall, to collecting items for children on the Angel Tree list and participating in community parades, the company involves itself in the surrounding communities.

"Because we live in this area, we want to have a good base of community," Ross said. "And, it's important to have a good community. That's just all there is to it. I want to help people, and sometimes, I might need help. I mean, you never know."

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