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SENIOR SCENE: Spring is a time of rebirth, to help others

OPINION by Janie Smith, Helping Others at Jackson House | March 26, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.
Janie Smith - Submitted photo

Spring brings smiles, laughter and hope. Hope for the blessings that warm weather, freshly grown foods, and sunshine can mean. Everyone enjoys getting together, taking walks, and feeling the warm sun. Rebirth is a beautiful thing to behold.

People of all ages in our community need help. Last week, a retired veteran stopped by in need of clothes and food. He had no family left. He had his money stolen. He was in dire straits. Jackson House worked with him until his needs were met, thanks to donors all across our county. He mattered and you made sure he was honored with your loving donations.

This is true of everyone that is helped.

Visit to make a donation. Make it monthly to be assured that every day people benefit from your legacy. Stop by 705 Malvern to volunteer or drop off items to be shared with those in need.

Call 501-623-4048 for more information.

"Every item, every dollar, every person, counts."

Print Headline: SENIOR SCENE: Spring is a time of rebirth, to help others


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