Holiday spirit

Ollie Naquin, left, Margie Reed and Dorothy Benson prepared dinners at Woodridge Church on Wednesday. The church planned to serve about 150 Thanksgiving dinners for those who were hungry or wanting a holiday meal, and ...

School donors

Lake Hamilton Intermediate School Principal Stacy Howell, left, and teacher Cheri Walker, right, donated blood at the Arkansas Blood Institute drive in the intermediate school cafeteria Nov. 5.

Puppet show

Seventh-grade students, from left, Cole Lair, Kaid Vaughn, Nate Oosterhous, Kalea Tweedle and Dylan Holcombe in the gifted and talented program at Centerpoint Intermediate School presented a puppet show, "Don't do this, you can't do ...

UAMS/Schmieding Program earns new designation

LITTLE ROCK -- The UAMS/ Schmieding Home Caregiver Training Program has been designated as an intermediate-level, evidence-based health promotion program, making it possible for other caregiver training providers to seek federal funds to purchase the program's curriculum materials and through them, expand the program's reach and positive influence.

'Judge not ... '

Dear editor: On Nov. 18, 2015, Doc Crawford wrote: "The U.S. has accomplished great strides since the horrible economic downfall of 2008 ..." (Blame it on Bush again. I refuse to believe this lie no matter how many times it is repeated.) President B.H. Obama made a campaign promise to "completely transform America." Yes, I would agree that he has made "great strides." We completely disagree on which direction we are going and is it ...

Life of thanksgiving

Those of us who are parents already understand the lesson found in the following illustration. We love to give gifts to our children. We desire to meet their needs and even their wants. The warm satisfaction we feel makes the sacrifices we made on their behalf all very much worth it.

Red Ribbon

Centerpoint Intermediate School seventh-graders, from left, Ethan Walker, Aurora Saunders and Luke Baker helped present a puppet show, "Don't do this, you can't do that," to primary school students for Red Ribbon Week. Sixth- and seventh-grade gifted and talented students presented the puppet show and discussed facts about drug use and led activities with the younger students.

Thursday's Datebook

Civic clubs Oaklawn Lions Club breakfast meetings are held at 6:45 a.m. Fridays at Higdon Square Cafe. Visiting Lions and guests are welcome. Contact David Shockey, president, 276-8183; Billy Joe Willis, secretary; or Wanda Thorp, treasurer, for information. Support groups Narcotics Anonymous meets at noon, 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. today at 919 Hobson Ave. This is a 12-step recovery program for people for whom drugs have become a major problem. The Help Line number ...