Baxter sign restored

Seiz Sign Co. has restored one of the Baxter Hotel signs that was salvaged after the historic structure burned on March 4, 2014. Visit Hot Springs CEO Steve Arrison, shown here on Monday with the ...

Local man named to reform board

Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced Monday that John Morgan, case management director for Ouachita Children's Center, has been named as a member of the new Youth Justice Reform Board.

Country Club Village to host 'Superfood for Super Seniors' event

As Americans of all ages continue to discover the positive impact of healthy eating on active aging, seniors in Hot Springs, are welcome to a "Superfood for Super Seniors Event" from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Thursday to learn more about the ways that certain foods can improve their overall wellness and daily quality of life. The event will be held at Country Club Village and is just one element of the community's annual Wellness ...

Dear editor: A phantom threat

Dear editor: Gary Vogt, no, I did not read the article you mentioned because I am sure it would be full of artificial nonfacts and misinformation to perpetuate the hoax of global warming. I do find it funny that in your rebuttal you would refer to a cartoon to support you're contentions. On second thought, no I don't. A cartoon is where all this global warming foolish should be shown.

Reflections: Two immortal mothers

Gentleman Bob Case's mother lived 92 years. Bob cherishes her life and stories ... and character. Many stories Case's mother told him centered on her own mother, Case's grandmother whom Bob clearly knows though he never met. She lives to this day and almost certainly will live forever.

Grandma feels disrespected when her advice is ignored

DEAR ABBY: Whatever happened to respecting one's elders and recognizing grandparents as head of the family? I recently returned from visiting my son, his wife and my new grandchild. My son's wife and I had many disagreements on how to care for my grandchild. Instead of respecting my years of experience as a mother and appreciating my help, she chose to ignore my instructions and advice.