September 19, 2018


GOP sells its soul

Dear editor: Two rebuttals: To Mary Robinson (Sept. 13 issue), ignorance does not deserve a response because ignorance produces evil things.

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Cut now, pay later

Dear editor: Several weeks ago, I wrote to Sen. Cotton, Sen. Boozman and Rep. French Hill with a simple, but important, question. When the individual tax plan expires in 2025, will our deductions return to the 2017 rules? Those deductions allowed for all state taxes, medical expenses and other expenses.

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Hot Springs: A wonderful story to tell

Locals and tourists alike know the heart and soul of Hot Springs is Bathhouse Row. Looking down Central Avenue today, the heart of Hot Springs beats strong. But as many know, this has not always been the case.

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Board members wanted

It always amazes me when people are surprised by the impact of a story that appears in The Sentinel-Record. People are stunned that something that is read by 25,000 of their friends and neighbors in Garland County can generate so much response.

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A really 'cool' idea

Let me ask you a question please: What is the "coolest" place in your home? Now you may have to think a moment, but I believe you will agree that the coolest place in your home is inside your refrigerator. If I had said, "What is the coldest place in your home?" of course the answer is your freezer.

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Fear mongering

Dear editor: This letter is response to a Sept. 9 letter by Mr. Herbert "Ronnie" Rodgers in which he states we are all in grave danger because President Trump is mentally unfit for office (fear mongering). I wish he had stated any psychiatrist or psychologist credentials, which would've given his claims a little more validity.

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Leave pets at home

Dear editor: This is going to make a few people mad, but the mass majority will love it. I love dogs, cats and pets of all kinds. They have an important part in our tranquillity and our society. But they don't have a part in our grocery stores. I'm not talking about service animals here, I'm talking about Snuggles, Ring and Lovie. Service animals are trained and meet strict requirements. The rest, not so much. Walmart may not care if Snuggles uses the bathroom on the grocery cart, but I do.

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