February 09, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Red flag warning


Patriots Award winners

Dear editor: The First Annual Garland County Tea Party Patriots Award Banquet was recently held at the beautiful Hot Springs Five Star Theater to a sold-out crowd. The evening began with a wonderful buffet supper, which was then followed by many patriotic activities.

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Arkansas up for grabs after Huckabee exit

LITTLE ROCK -- Former Gov. Mike Huckabee's exit from the presidential race doesn't just open up a new hunt for his home state's Republican delegates in the March 1 primary. It could also expose where the rifts lie in the GOP two years after it completed its sweep of Arkansas offices.

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Regulate fundraisers

Dear editor: During the Iowa caucus of Jan. 28, there was mentioned by one of the moderators that an unnamed fundraiser for injured military personnel had spent most of the proceeds it had received on expensive vacations, hotel rooms, entertainment for its employees and bonuses for its CEOs.

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A word of 'thanks'

Dear editor: I would like to appropriately acknowledge WindowWorld of Little Rock with "appreciation and thanks." A few months ago, WindowWorld had a contest of sorts to give away windows to a veteran in honor of Veterans Day. My daughters, and I'm not sure who else, put my name and my story in the hat. I was one of the winners.

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Don't forget to tip

Dear editor: Recently I have decided to return to school. In doing so, I have taken a job as a food server for a local restaurant in the area. I am appalled at how many people do not know the proper etiquette for tipping food servers. In fact, many are downright insulting at the pennies they leave a server on a high-dollar ticket.

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Inspections unnecessary

Dear editor: Accolades to David Campbell for his letter in reference to Sharon Grant's proposal for inspections and fees. Ordinance-required inspections will result in city fees and likely other costs that will result in "increased rental rates."

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A lie vs. a miscalculation

Dear editor: A Viewpoint contributor recently wrote that liberals have two candidates for president, one a habitual liar and one a socialist and a communist. This ill-informed individual needs to learn the difference between a lie and a miscalculation, a socialist and a communist. The writer continues the letter demeaning President Obama, quoting timeworn lies.

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Opposed to inspections

Dear editor: In regard to Sharon Grant's letter on the topic of requiring inspections and fees of vacant rental properties in order to curb crime and reduce slumlords. First of all, thanks to Sharon Grant for throwing the entire community of good landlords under the bus because she's angry with her bad neighbors. She states, "I have been asked by multiple landlords to lead the fight against this. Please don't ask me again!" Mrs. Grant should probably not worry too much about landlords asking her for anything again or aligning themselves with her at any level from this point on.

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Why black history?

Black History Month, or National African American History Month, is an annual celebration of achievements by black Americans and a time for recognizing the central role of African-Americans in U.S. history.

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BETA a 'fine example'

Dear editor: While helping check folk in at the Jazz Society Mardi Gras party Saturday at the Convention Center, I noticed many school buses next door and students walking through the entrance to Horner Hall on their way to the other buildings. I discovered after asking that the Arkansas BETA clubs were ending their three-day convention.

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Don't tip off thieves

Dear editor: Re: stolen treasures from Jan. 31. Unfortunately, this scenario is all too common. There are thieves who will browse the obituaries looking for listings that mention an address where the decedent's family will receive visitors. Then, all they need to know is what time the funeral is, as the home will likely be vacant during that time. While I don't know if this was the case here, it's the most likely scenario.

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