December 12, 2017


Impending prison crisis

Dear editor: Arkansas taxpayers should prepare for the impending crisis coming in the very near future. Governmental leaders are going to have to make critical decisions as it pertains to the growing state prison population.

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'Thanks' to Willard

Dear editor: The Literacy Council of Garland County is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which has been active in our community since 1983. Our organization's mission is to enhance success in daily life by building literacy skills. We offer our services to adults, who want to improve their ability to read, write and speak English.

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Face-to-face with Rohingya, pope ditches diplomacy

DHAKA, Bangladesh -- Pope Francis has gotten into trouble before for ditching diplomatic protocol and calling a spade a spade, most famously when he labeled the Ottoman-era slaughter of Armenians a "genocide" from the altar of St. Peter's Basilica.

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Championing Uptown

Dear editor: Historic Uptown Park Avenue is in the middle of a communitywide revitalization. As a business owner and resident for the past three years, I continue to be amazed at the daily accomplishments that are occurring to create a more positive neighborhood.

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Thumbs column

"Season's greetings," faithful readers. May this Yuletide bring you enjoyable times spent with family and friends and new opportunities to serve the needs of Hot Springs and Garland County.

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Judge's threat may prompt court, legislative fight

LITTLE ROCK -- An Arkansas judge's threat to block the state from issuing any birth certificates if lawyers don't quickly fix a law that was found discriminatory could open up a new fight with a state Supreme Court that was criticized over its handling of a gay marriage case. It could also prompt a new debate in a legislature that had planned to focus on the budget, not LGBT issues, when it meets next year.

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The bottom line

Dear editor: Have you noticed how Walmart is getting rid of more and more employees all the time, or at least cutting way back on their hours? I was in the store early one morning and there was only one lady trying to check out people at both the express lane and the regular one. She was having to go back and forth and explain to disgruntled people that she was the only one checking at that time. The self-checkout lanes were also blocked off.

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The populist scourge

The election of Donald Trump is said to represent the latest explosion of American populism: a rebellion of the salt of the earth against those snooty east and west coast "elites" who view them with contempt.

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Time flies

Well, she made it. My oldest daughter, Ally, got her first grown-up job. She was very proud and excited, as am I. She is working in hospital administration in Jonesboro. It just seems like yesterday she was born and now she is a 24-year-old woman. I have to admit it really made the phrase "time flies" come to mind. It also started me thinking about all the things that have happened in the last 24 years and how they have changed our world.

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