September 02, 2014


Yoga dangerous for Christians

I am addressing this letter to all Christians and especially to Christian parents who have children in the public schools. This is also a rebuttal to the letter entitled, "Yoga important for health" (Saturday, Aug. 16) by yoga instructor True Alisandre.

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Some thoughts to share

Random thoughts: Media's use of violent words to describe nonviolent situations/events. Nonreactive plastic implants for elephants and rhinos to discourage poachers. Sell ivory and horn. Buy habitat enhancements such as water wells, peanuts and alfalfa.

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Get involved to fight crime

Dear editor: Barbara Jones wrote a letter full of actions I wish could be carried out. Unfortunately, most people don't decide to commit crimes because they know the following: the jail is full, so they won't be incarcerated long, if at all; there aren't enough sheriff's deputies to go looking for them when a warrant is issued; the state legislators lessened the penalties for many crimes to alleviate overcrowding in prisons or because they know our judges haven't the authority to lock people up as long they should be or room to do it.

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DeGray water plan best for community

Arkansans are an odd bunch when it comes to summer weather. We like having cooler temperatures because it means we save money on air conditioning, but we hate not being able to fully enjoy the Natural State, which in turn affects the businesses that depend on summertime visitors.

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The Larry Pillow story

The English statesman and orator Edmund Burke once said, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." This is so true and applies to much of our society today.

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The importance of history

WASHINGTON -- The monumental tapestry triptych by Marc Chagall, hanging in the State Hall of the Israeli Knesset in Jerusalem, hints at some of the artist's own memories, including from his childhood in Vitebsk, Russia. But these float among images of Jewish history: of Moses with his tablets, of David with his harp. Images of wandering and vulnerability: a village burned, a dead body surrounded by six candles, standing in for 6 million. Images of return and security: pioneers, soldiers and a new flag among the nations.

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