Different from my dad

As I looked at the calendar and discovered Father's Day was approaching, I began thinking about my dad. I have to admit it; I'm not like my dad when it comes to parenting. My dad passed away when I was 17, but I remember him being a very strong parent that ruled us kids with what today would be considered an iron fist. I have two older sisters and an older brother and we all grew up better thanks to my dad's parenting style.

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Y-O-U are truly unique

If you have ever struggled with your self-esteem, your identity as a person and your value to yourself and others, I believe you will be interested in what I have to share with you. Because I have been blessed with loving parents, great teachers and pastors, and others through the years who have helped me understand my own self worth and value as a human being, I count it among my greatest blessings to, in turn, help others realize just how special they really are.

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Future bright in District 2

Dear editor: I am pleased to see friends and neighbors working together to display the district's culture and vitality. As I drive through my district and talk with my neighbors, there is a feeling of change and connection in the air. Residents are excited about the new mural on the Webb Community Center wall (along Gulpha Street). RayShawn McNary, a talented Lakeside graduating senior under the mentoring of Giuseppe Percivati of Italy, painted this beautiful mural entitled "Flower Boy." The mural is an inspiration and RayShawn told The Sentinel-Record that his popular art can be as a means to "help bring down racism" and promote peace. What an uplifting message!

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