School daze

Driving into work this past Monday, I saw lots of kids standing on the side of the road waiting for the bus to come by and pick them up. Since it was the first day of school, I paid close attention to some of these children and could see the concern on their faces. Not too many of them were smiling and happy to be returning to their educational endeavors.

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Big Bend National Park

Here at the beginning of my visit with you today, I am going to admit something that may be a positive rather than a negative. I am going to admit that I am a very simple-minded person. I just think America is so beautiful that any person living here who does not appreciate what we have should have their head examined.

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A positive effect

Dear editor: In a letter by Mr. Noah Little on Aug. 16, he attempts to criticize the positive effects of the GOP tax cuts. Pretty much a losing tactic by the Democrats, of which I assume he is one.

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A lack of integrity

Dear editor: I won't bother pointing out or repeating the awful analogy Jack Sternberg used comparing Donald Trump to an excellent doctor with poor bedside manner. Enough people have already done that.

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Stuff the Bus 'thanks'

Dear editor: United Way of the Ouachitas wishes to thank our community for helping us "Stuff the Bus!" On Saturday, Aug. 4, the United Way led volunteers in collecting donated school supplies at area Walmart stores for local school districts: Cutter Morning Star, Fountain Lake, Hot Springs, Jessieville, Lake Hamilton, Lakeside and Mountain Pine school districts. Not all of the school districts provide supplies to their students as school begins, but even in those districts that do, backup supplies are needed for the rest of the year.

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Become a volunteer

Dear editor: If you are sitting and pondering your life's direction, I have a suggestion for you. Join the CHI St. Vincent's Auxiliary volunteer team. As an 11-year volunteer, I love what I do. The camaraderie and help we provide is amazing. There is nothing better than the giving of yourself to help others. We have fun and make other's feel better.

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