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'Rogue One' moves 'Star Wars' forward by going back

SAN FRANCISCO -- A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there were more stories than those of the Skywalker family. That was the idea Disney was counting on when it purchased George Lucas's empire Lucasfilm for $4 billion in 2012, and the rights to everything in the "Star Wars" universe. Sure, they'd continue chronicling the trajectory of the Skywalkers, but what else was out there?

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Viewership dips for NBC's 'Hairspray'

NEW YORK -- NBC's live presentation of the musical "Hairspray" reached 9 million viewers, making it the least-watched of the four musicals it has aired, starting when the 2013 presentation of "The Sound of Music" created a sensation.

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Talking Trump: has Seth Meyers met his match?

Late-night TV hosts are struggling with how to deal with the impending presidency of Donald J. Trump. One major problem they face is that the filter-averse president-elect is formidably competitive as a master of comedy, drama and improvisation in his own right. And if there's one thing a satirist hates, it's the assignment of satirizing another satirist. This helps explain why Trump's tweets are the best show in town.

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Mandolin whiz Thile brings younger crowd to 'Prairie Home'

MINNEAPOLIS -- Halfway through his first season hosting "A Prairie Home Companion," mandolin maestro Chris Thile still feels "like a kid in a candy store" taking over the long-running popular public radio show created by Garrison Keillor -- but knows he has to do one big thing.

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Ex-military couple can't agree on a continent to call home

DEAR ABBY: My husband recently retired from the military. We have four school-aged children. The youngest is starting kindergarten, and I would like to go back to work and finally use my college degree. My husband wants to take a job overseas, but I would likely be unable to work due to the language barrier.

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'Wonderful Life'

Uncle Billy, played by T.J. Herron, points out his son, Harry Bailey, who has just been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor to a newspaper boy, played by Isaac Cabibi-Wilkin, in the Pocket Theatre's production of "It's A Wonderful Life," which is starting its second weekend.

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