July 28, 2014

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City 12 Hot Springs

Hot Springs government access on Resort Television Cable Channel 12 programs and broadcast times are subject to change.

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Comedy opens at Pocket

Audiences can celebrate "the king" of rock 'n' roll in August at the Hot Springs Community Pocket Theatre, 121 Orange St.

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Son-in-law's abusive father makes family gathering painful

DEAR ABBY: I adore my son-in-law, "Tom." He's a wonderful husband to our daughter. He's always inviting us to dinner along with his parents and family. We get along with them, but can't stand how they treat Tom. We have never seen parents treat their children the way they treat him -- especially the father. Tom is practically begging for his approval and attention on a daily basis.

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Everyday walk in the park is marred by man's silent stare

DEAR ABBY: I am a woman in my 30s. Every morning I walk my dog in the park near my house. Each morning I see the same maintenance man in the park and he stares at me in a way that makes me uncomfortable. I have tried saying "Good morning," but he doesn't reply and just continues to stare.

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Romancing the Rivers: Cruising the heart of Europe

If romance begins with the eyes and grows in the heart, then my love affair with Scenic Cruises began when I looked at their web site, and it blossomed on board the Jade "Space Ship" a few weeks ago when I sailed the Rhine, the Main and the Danube rivers.

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July HSV Yard of the Month 'full of charm'

HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE -- The July Yard of the Month for Hot Springs Village is the home of Diane and Russ Daniel at 7 Lindo Lane. Seven years ago, when they moved in, there was no landscaping. Two blue Atlas cedars flank the front porch and are enhanced by a ruby Japanese maple. Beds in the terraced front yard are full of perennials, coral bells, oak leaf hydrangeas, coneflowers and daisies.

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HSV Audubon honor scholarship campers

HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE -- Hot Springs Village Audubon Society members hosted a potluck dinner in honor of their Halberg Ecology scholarship students, Marisa Henry, Jaxson Hawkins, Hannah Bearden and advanced camper Morgan McDaniel. Other campers from Mountain Pine School in attendance were Greg Irwin, Shalayla Delaney, Zoe McGregor and Lakyn Lewondowski.

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Successful search for ancestors

The Melting Pot recently entertained visitors from Belgium at its library. Paul Philips and his wife, Katrien Croonenberghs, made the journey to Hot Springs for the specific purpose of visiting local relatives and meeting the Melting Pot researchers they had corresponded with over the past couple of years.

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