A broken promise

This article was published April 21, 2017 at 4:00 a.m.

Dear editor:

There are some very good letters in the paper today (Wednesday). Ann Goff and Anthony Lloyd both point out some truths that certain elements of this city ignore.

Take, for example, last night's Hot Springs Board of Directors meeting in which a citizen was prohibited from pointing out the violation of city regulations by a member of the board that is no longer qualified to serve as a city director and vote on city issues.

It is no revelation to the city board members, the city manager or the city attorney, as are all aware of this, but the person serving continues to serve as though he were a city resident and rightfully representing District 5.

I agree with Ann Goff that this board has created "the animosity the people feel towards them" and now numerous others have come to see them for how they really are when it comes to issues they chose to ignore. I can't wait for election time or the option to exercise alternatives to living with this type of "representation." This specific board, and this city manager have violated the promise made to citizens of the city in that if a sales tax was passed, they (the city) would not impose property taxes on residents. Where is the rebate of the taxes you are now illegally collecting since you have broken the promise to the residents of Hot Springs?

Believe me, I do everything I can to tell (retirees especially) the truth about life in Hot Springs, Ark., including sending examples from articles in the papers and elsewhere.

It is in the glorious scenery that one finds beauty and peace is in this place.

Barbara Anable

Hot Springs

Editorial on 04/21/2017

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