February 21, 2017

Let protests continue

This article was published February 16, 2017 at 4:00 a.m.

Dear editor:

I'm addressing all the religious people upset with protesters. The majority of real protesters are peaceful resisters. The ones wearing masks could just as well be infiltrators trying to make the rest look bad. But don't act surprised.

When Obama took office, the conservative protesters carried nooses around threatening to lynch him. Ted Nugent threatened to shoot Obama at all his concerts. This hatred dragged on for eight years. There were the birther racists, like Donald Trump, and all the accusations of being a Muslim. More hatred was spread by Breitbart racist fake news whose leader Bannon, is now Trump's top adviser.

After eight years of racist attacks and threatened violence on the president of the U.S., we now see these same evil people take over our government.

Why did Christians vote for a racist and accused rapist?

Is it because Trump said he was against abortion?

Trump was a liberal in favor of abortion until 2012. Then he coldly calculated that he could get Christians to vote for him if he suddenly changed his tune.

Why would an alleged rapist want to make abortion illegal?

I'll give you a hint: It's not because he is pro-life. You cannot be pro war, pro death penalty, pro NRA and pro-life!

I also condemn the violent protesters, now and during Obama's eight years.

But history will show that Trump did not win the election fair and square and I'm not just talking about Comey's violation of the Hatch Act.

So let the peaceful protesters march and get out their frustration. The real haters and violators of divine laws will be found out and cast out!

Scott Ruff

Hot Springs

Editorial on 02/16/2017

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