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Dear editor:

The people of Arkansas, those who follow football, are glad to see the athletic director, Jeff Long, depart. It is sad that another $5 million will be paid to him at the rate of $83,333.33 per month for five years. That is twice as much money as the average Arkansan makes in one year.

Jeff Long, Chancellor Joseph Steinmetz and the Board of Trustees have all lost sight of reality as they live in their ivory towers. The average man on the streets can no longer afford to purchase good seats for a season and pay the required donation to the Razorback Foundation.

The current addition to Razorback Stadium will cost a quarter of a billion dollars, including interest, and will only create 4,800 new seats for the common man (in the end zone) and about a dozen new sky boxes for the wealthy. That stadium, which is actually owned by the people of Arkansas, is only used a half dozen times per year.

The Razorback Foundation, the A.D., the chancellor and the Board of Trustees have created a monument to themselves. Perhaps they should erect statues of themselves around the stadium -- at public expense.

John Grillo

Hot Springs

Editorial on 11/25/2017

Print Headline: Milking the public

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